Want to be better at auditioning and getting jobs? The Money Note is THE resource you need to stay focused on scoring the gig; getting the job.

You want to know that you’re doing the right thing and making the best choices, but there are so many things that no one teaches you. You’re left to your own devices – to trial and error – to figure out what works.

It’s just getting started, but in a short time this site will be chock full of helpful information from leading professionals in every area of the business. You’ll find concrete tips, no-nonsense information and useful resources to enable successful audition preparation and execution.

My name is Ben Johnson. My goal is to help you get hired by showing you the nuts and bolts of auditioning. I curate this blog and products to create a hub of ‘all things audition’ that will help you make a plan of attack so you can concentrate on scoring the gig; getting the job.

I have been a Chicago based music director for the past twenty years. Most recently I was the Music Supervisor at Drury Lane Theatre. I was the vocal coach for the Cheetah tour of The Lion King and I’ve played thousands of auditions for a variety of projects. My passion is creating a systematic approach to auditioning so you don’t have to sweat the details and can concentrate on being creative and scoring the gig.